Your Best Life - a Doctor's Secret Guide to Radiant Health Over 40

Louise tells the story of how a near fatal pneumonia as an NHS GP and mother of two transformed her lifeand way of thinking about health. In this personal narrative of how she 'had it all' and then nearly lost it,she explains how she sought even better health after her recovery. Louise looked hard for answers in allareas of medicine that could help women around the world to then embrace each and every decade.She takes an exciting tour from head to toe within the wonderful female body. By talking to specialists onthe frontline coupled with her own research, she brings to you the secret to living your best life in termsof health and happiness. Her passion is to transform the way women think about themselves and realise that 40, 50, 60, 70 canall be a new beginning. Can women really have it all? Yes, you can, and then some! You will find theanswers and be motivated to find out more about how to achieve your very own best life over 40.

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Publisher Matador
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ISBN 9781838594350
Pages 424 pages
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