Frühes Christentum und religionsgeschichtliche Schule

In recognition of Gerd Ludemanns historical work on his sixty-fifth birthday, colleagues, associates, and former students address open issues in New Testament and ancient Christianity as well as the evolution of the Religionsgeschichtliche Schule. Authors from Germany, Scandinavia, the United States, and Japan mirror the worldwide impact of the jubilarians academic career. Included are sixteen studies that span the spectrum of the honorees investigations, from philological and source-critical analyses of the gospels through chronological and historical investigations of Paul, his letters, and his legacy. A further focus is the influential end-of-the-nineteenth century Gottingen circle, the History of Religions School, especially Wilhelm Bousset and Ernst Troeltsch. Here, previously unpublished correspondence is reproduced to shed light on pivotal moments in the Schools history.

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