Whispers of the Skyborne

Nix isn't our biggest foe. And now, we have a name. ​ We have a new government, and for a little bit, I can disappear and rebuild. I’m recovering after the events of the Sky Games. I have a new design for my ships. Faster. Larger. More versatile. ​ Built for war. ​ But our enemy isn’t who we thought they are. It isn’t Nix and her Hands of Tarot. She’s in custody, under my control. But the war is still ongoing. Factions of the tribal Great Families have broken off in search of the only metal deposits left on our moon, and they don’t care who gets in their way. They’re the pure bloods with the greatest Marks. ​ The Marks of power we hold such pride in will be our undoing. They’re not a gift to be praised. They’re an invasion, the first wave. The Skyborne are desperate for supplies to rebuild their starships. Our Marks are their only way of controlling us to provide for them. ​ But when they have what they need, it may be the end of everything we know.

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Publisher Whistling Book Press
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ISBN 1947790188
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