What Will Influence the Future of Alternative Medicine?

This book provides an overview of factors that have influenced and will continue to influence the development of OC alternativeOCO (traditional) medicine in the world. Traditionally, the lack of relevant good quality scientific research is often the reason why a large number of healthcare practices are labeled OC alternativeOCO. However, nonscientific factors may be at least as important as the scientific ones. Among such factors are cultural, political, administrative, and economic considerations. The articles in this volume provide an international perspective on how such pervasive factors impact on the development, research, and practice of alternative medicine in the world. Sample Chapter(s). foreword (48 KB). Chapter 1.1: Indroduction (78 KB). Chapter 1.2: Background: Alternative Medicine in the United States (65 KB). Chapter 1.3: Current Definition of Alternative Medicine (70 KB). Chapter 1.4: Proposed Definition of Alternative Medicine (68 KB). Chapter 1.5: Factors Posing Challenges to Integration of Alternative Medicine (68 KB). Chapter 1.5.1: Cultural Factors (73 KB). Chapter 1.5.2: Sociological Factors (77 KB). Chapter 1.5.3: Economic Factors (70 KB). Chapter 1.5.4: Scientific and Medical Factors (68 KB). Chapter 1.6: Implications for a Program in Alternative Medicine (68 KB). Chapter 1.7: Conclusions (126 KB). Contents: Factors That Will Shape the Future of Alternative Medicine: An Overview (D Eskinazi); On the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 21st Century China (C Meng); A Cultural Perspective OCo Factors That Guide the Choice Between Local Health Traditions and Modern Medicine in India (U G Geetha); A Cultural Perspective: Conceptual Similarities and Differences Between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Japanese Medicine (K Horiguchi & K Tsutani); Some Political Aspects of Non-Conventional Medical Practices in Europe (J Bossy); Harmonization of Traditional Oriental (Chinese) Medicine and Modern Medicine OCo A Step Forward with the TradiMed Database 2000 (l-M Chang & J G Chi); An Information Perspective: The Role of the British Library in Supporting Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Britain (B Madge); World Health and International Collaboration in Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plant Research (G B Mahady); Academic and Funding Perspective in Developing Alternative Medicine Research in the US: Experience of the Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (F Kronenberg). Readership: Professionals and lay people interested in understanding the non-scientific factors that influence science and medicine."

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