TVET Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0

Demand for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Malaysia has been growing extensively, involving various involvement from industry and academia. Research related to the improvement of TVET in Malaysia, as well as the sustainability of TVET especially in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era are among the topics of interest presented in this book. The input from this research provides better insight on the current situation of TVET in Malaysia as a whole, opening up various research fields to be explored in the future by other researchers. The development of education on an international level has sparked the idea for educators and academia to find solutions on issues of education relevant to the 21st century, hence this book shares the strategies and efforts needed to strengthen the education in various regions and make sure it is on par with education in developed countries.

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Publisher Routledge
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ISBN 1000691934
Pages 191 pages
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