Total Exposure Health

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the concept of "Total Exposure Health" and presents details on subject areas which make up the framework. It provides in-depth coverage of the science and technology supporting exposure and risk assessment. This includes advances in toxicology and the "-omics" as well as new techniques for exposure assessment. The book concludes with a discussion on bioethics implications, including ethical considerations related to genetic testing. ​ Discusses advances in exposure monitoring Presents a systems biology approach to human exposures Examines how overall well-being translates to worker productivity Considers the link between work-related risk factors and health conditions Covers the study of genomics in precision medicine and exposure science Explores bioethics in genomic studies Aimed at the exposure professionals (industrial hygienists, toxicologists, public health, environmental engineers), geneticists, molecular biologists, engineers and managers in the health and safety industry as well as professionals in the public administration field.

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Publisher CRC Press
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ISBN 0429553862
Pages 329 pages
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