This is How I Roll

The college years are the prime of most young people's lives. During this time, people experience new adventures, new friends, and a multitude of other exciting things. But what happens when tragedy strikes? For Jim Hardy, this was the case. One moment, Jim was living his life the way he wanted, and the next, he was navigating his way to a "new normal" by means of a wheelchair. In this autobiography, Hardy details the hardships he endured on his road to recovery. This is not a story about a tragic accident however. This Is How I Roll tells the story of how Jim used his accident to push himself even harder to become successful in life. Through the stories detailed in his book, the reader comes to realize that a wheelchair is just another part of life, and with determination, it does not have to hold anyone back. This book is meant to be read by all: every person trying to find hope in the midst of their own unique challenges, the parent terrified of what the future might hold for their child in a world that can be so cruel at times, and the kid wanting to understand just what life is like for his friend from school that rolls instead of walks. This is a story of success and triumph in the midst of challenges, and the reader looking for some form of inspiration should consider taking the time to read This Is How I Roll. It just might provide the spark needed in order for that someone to pursue their own dreams.

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Publisher Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Release Date
ISBN 1098074858
Pages 62 pages
Rating 4/5 (52 users)