Food Processing

In food processing, thermal operations are the most common and conventional methods for obtaining and treating different products. This book covers basics and advances in thermal processing of food. These include drying processes, evaporation, blanching, deep fat frying, crystallization, extraction, and ohmic heating, in terms of food engineering and process design aspect. It further describes theoretical aspects, the basics of rate kinetics, and their application for the analysis of food quality indices including practical-oriented issues related to food technology. Traditional and new extraction techniques are also covered. Key features: Presents engineering focus on thermal food processing technologies. Discusses sub-classification for recent trends and relevant industry information/examples. Different current research-oriented results are included as a key parameter. Covers advances in drying, evaporation, blanching, crystallization, and ohmic heating. Includes mathematical modeling and numerical simulations. Food Processing: Advances in Thermal Technologies is aimed at graduate students and professionals in food engineering, food technology, and biological systems engineering

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Publisher CRC Press
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