The Widowhood Book - A Complete Guide to the Best Methods of Racing Pigeons on the Widowhood System as Described by the Foremost Experts in Britain, B

Widowhood is not easy, as those who decry it are only too willing to say, but neither is it hard. Those who are willing to study the methods set out here will find that even if they only possess one small loft, and even if they cannot give much time to their birds, they will be able to achieve success by this method, for the tremendous successes in past years in Belgium and in England have not all been won by the men with three or four lofts and 300 to 400 birds. Reading through this book, you will see not only articles by the famous names of Britain and Belgium, but also the methods of working men Fanciers who have gained successes by this method. There is only one thing more which needs to be said, and that is if you try this System, give it a fair trial, because not only may it take two or three years for birds to reach their peak under this System, but it should never be forgotten that without condition, stamina and good-quality birds, no system can help you to win.

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