The War of the Sexes

This book seeks to restore a little balance to The War of the Sexes that feminists have been waging openly for about two hundred years with increasing success, one regrettable result being 50% divorce rates in the decadent West. Chapter 1 discusses the feminist movement and Chapter 2 discusses how women ¡¥capture¡¦ men. Chapters 3 to 7 discuss the many physical, chemical, and sociological differences between the sexes, ranging from the inborn maternal instinct, to those arising from their different upbringing. In Chapters 8 to 13 the strengths and weaknesses of women in our decadent societies are discussed, including exploitation of women in the consumer society and the growing problem of teen and single mothers. In Chapters 14 to 18 the way in which women are beginning to take over the workforce, management, and politics at the expense of men is discussed, whilst in Chapter 19 the key reasons for the overall moral and financial decay of Western Civilization are discussed. Finally, in Chapters 20 to 25 an attempt is made to make some constructive suggestions to remedy some of the problems posed by moral and financial decline in the West. Thus it is suggested that marital-type relationships should always be a carefully chosen and communicative and constructive partnership between compatible, like-minded people with sound career paths and life goals. The penultimate chapter suggests how those couples that do have children can make them smarter, in turn helping keep the family happier and more successful. The final chapter discusses contact hypothesis and mere exposure research, an understanding of which might be useful in reducing the War of the Sexes and also the many ethnic conflicts that plague the world today.

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