The Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere

Since the publication of The Venomous Reptiles of Latin America by Cornell University Press in 1989, scientific discoveries and taxonomic changes have resulted in the addition of many taxa and species to the herpetology of the Western Hemisphere. This updated, heavily rewritten, and greatly expanded version of that book now includes accounts of all 192 species of venomous snakes and lizards found in the Western Hemisphere. Volume I includes a table of contents, list of tables, preface, introduction, and regional/country accounts with related bilingual identification keys and vegetation and topographic maps. Genus and species accounts in this volume treat all of the lizards, coralsnakes, and seasnakes; these accounts are accompanied by color photographs of individual species. Volume II begins with the pitvipers, including all known species of rattlesnakes. This volume features four chapters by experts on mimicry, evolution, and snakebite treatment in tropical and temperate America. A glossary, literaturecited section, and index serve both volumes. Color photographs portray pitvipers, including rattlesnakes, and the damage done by snakebite.

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