The Transformational Truth of Tarot

The Transformational Truth of Tarot teaches the Tarot in a way never done before. Rather than list meanings, it shows the reader how to bring the Tarot alive; how to feel and understand it deeply through their own experiences, by using a series of enlightening exercises. The Tarot is a reflective tool, a mirror, we need to look at ourselves in the face of it for true transformation to take place- here is how. This book does not tell you what the meanings are; it reflects it back and fosters inner revelations, causing the Tarot to become alive, moving with flow and flux. The Transformational Truth Of Tarot is a groundbreaking non-fiction book that illustrates the intriguing system of Tarot in a whole new light; not only as predictive tool but as a philosophy that underpins our entire existence.

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Publisher John Hunt Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1780996365
Pages 87 pages
Rating 4/5 (63 users)