The Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics

Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics gives each number not only an abstract identity, but, a living one, due to the Imprint that each Number leaves, both in our surrounding Universe and in other Universes, whether they are parallel or not. This Imprint is due to the fact that each Number in turn represents a Creator Factor and Unique Incidentally, which represents the meaning of a certain Word therefore Understood, which in turn is part of the Universal Pure Language. The totality of the Words from the Universal Pure Language, constitutes the Unique Expression of the Universal Consciousness.These Imprints can be identified, to some extent, by Transcendental Numbers or by Transcendental Functions which prove that certain values cannot be changed to obtain some ideational representations, such as the example circle, whose coordinates are definitively influenced by the transcendental number π (Pi), i.e. 3.14. In the future, surely many Transcendental Numbers will be discovered that will help Mankind to identify through Mathematics not only abstract representations, but even states of soul. Each Number represents a different identity depending on the Universe in which it is located. In the essence of each Number is the Creator Factor and Unique Incidentally which governs it, essence that defines the soul of the respective Number, that is of the Creator Factor and Unique Incidentally that represents the Number in question. Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics is the one that defines the processes, of the Universal Pure Language, whose Words, in turn, are each, in part, the expression of a Creator Factor and Unique Incidentally, that is, of a Number, whose totality, defines the Universal Unique Consciousness. Through Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics, the science of mathematics becomes from an abstract discipline, a living one, which receives soul, which in turn gives to mathematics and a humanistic side. Thanks to Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics in the future we will be able to talk and about a mathematics of spiritual feelings, such as Religion, Love, Hate, Happiness, Sadness, Pain, Pride, Courage, etc. Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics will be able to solve many mysteries of the human soul in the future, being the only link that can build a bridge between us and the Truth that is so Unknown to us because everything we live and feel is due to the Illusion of Life. Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics will be the literature of the future of Artificial Intelligence. At the basis of Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics is Semantic Coaxiology, but also Coaxiological Logic, these fields of Coaxialism. Transcendental numbers, such as the number π (Pi), for example, prove to us concretely that Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics exists by the fact that there is a link of concrete causality between the geometrical representation of the circle and the transcendental number π (Pi,. The number π (Pi), can never be, neither smaller, but nor larger than 3.14 to become operational in the calculations related to the circle. While the circle is a geometric figure that has an active role in human knowledge and feeling. Here is one of the links that proves to us that Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics exists and that it only needs to be developed. Through my philosophical works I have tried to lay the foundations of what Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics means from a philosophical point of view and how it can be determined. The principles of my philosophical system called Coaxialism as well as those of Coaxiological Logic are in law and de facto in turn the basic principles of Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics. Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics is a bridge between us who are lost in the Illusions of Life with the Absolute Truth. In transcendental reality there are an infinity of transcendental numbers, only that we will not be able to know them with the reduced capacities of our present brain, a brain that thinks only with about a tenth of its capacity, which has been attributed to it by natural evolution. Maybe somewhere in our distant history there was a genetic accident, more precisely a genetic intervention, from the exterior, on the human genome, an intervention that led to the constraint of using the full capacity of our brain for reasons unknown to us. Nature never makes an organ evolve without any meaning but with a certain purpose, in the case of our brain, the purpose being that to think and perceive through it, the World. Thus we can say that somewhere in the mists of history our ancestors had other abilities to discern the World from us. Returning to the transcendental numbers, which are revealed to us only a few of their infinity, as many as would exist in reality. Every object, thing, phenomenon or physico-chemical process that surrounds us is the work of transcendental numbers, which one day we will discover with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Only then will we be able to talk about Mathematical Psychology, the one which will become the basic branch of Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics. Even a poem or a song will be understood through transcendental numbers and Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics. The time will come when the letters that make up literary pages can be replaced with numbers, which we will understand and feel same like some words, only that for this we will have to develop our own brain on another level. A thing that is possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence. In the future, Transcendental Functions and Transcendental Numbers will be the ones that will form the backbone of Transcendental Coaxiological Mathematics in relation to the process of Knowledge, a field that will have to be developed, especially by Artificial Intelligence. What is known so far about these Transcendental Functions, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, is that, I quote: “ In mathematics, a transcendental function is an analytic function that does not satisfy a polynomial equation, in contrast to an algebraic function In other words, a transcendental function "transcends" algebra in that it cannot be expressed in terms of a finite sequence of the algebraic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, raising to a power, and root extraction” end quote. Examples of transcendental functions include the exponential function, the logarithm, and the trigonometric functions.

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