The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning

Take charge of your finances with little-known advice from a financial expert. There are six interrelated segments to a complete financial plan: Cash & Budget Planning, Insurance & Risk Management, Tax Management, Retirement Planning, Investment Planning, and Estate Planning. What aspects of the financial plan require sophisticated planning by a professional, and what can savvy, well-educated consumers handle themselves? The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning empowers readers to take charge of their financial present and future, regardless of where they are financially, by presenting technical jargon in a way that’s easy to understand. Here is sage advice and insider information known to the very few: Written for DIYers and those needing to select or understand advisors Useful for new savers up to mid-retirees 30 dramatic true stores of client triumphs and tragedies—no dull case studies Unbiased perspective is neither insurance nor investment skewed, and provides industry secrets Access via author website to customizable spreadsheets and more Here is sage advice and insider information known to the very few. For example, consumers buy more long-term care insurance than they need because their advisors are forbidden to show them alternative or supplemental strategies. They buy one large life policy when best-practice analysis usually would find need for two smaller, distinctive types. They get recommendations for annuity, insurance, and investment replacement, but how can they be certain the answers they get are unbiased? Author Dan Gallagher provides advice and counsel that will help readers set the stage for financial security for themselves and their families. He shares what you can do yourself and when you need a pro’s help.

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Publisher Simon and Schuster
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ISBN 1510725318
Pages 304 pages
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