The Rogue's Road to Retirement

George S. K. Rider’s The Rogue’s Road to Retirement takes a unique approach to growing old?don’t do it! After retiring, Rider embarks on a bumpy journey to find himself and a new lease on life. For the first time, he gets in touch with his creative side?an unusual direction indeed, since he spent seventy years of his life as a college athlete turned Navy officer turned Wall Street trader and weekend jock. Told through a series of uproariously humorous and sometimes poignant adventures, The Rogue’s Road to Retirement is about getting back in touch with your inner rascal and getting off your duff (George ends up in an MTV video, a Pepsi ad doing the polka, and Sports Illustrated)!Rider’s adventures and stories reflect on finding a new passion in retirement by:being kind to your kids (after all, you need them to do the lawn work now);discovering the joys of guilt-tripping your grandchildren into hanging out with you;struggling with the age-old dilemma?take another nap or go to the gym;driving your spouse nuts now that you’re both home 24/7;barhopping (or barhobbling) after sixty-five;savoring the sweet memories of friends and loves ones now gone;and much more.The Rogue’s Road to Retirement is about the rebels, raconteurs, and roués who refuse to grow old gracefully, who want to grow old the way they grew up?raising hell, having fun, and giving their kids and grandkids a run for their money.

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Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date
ISBN 1632201100
Pages 180 pages
Rating 4/5 (02 users)