The Practical Bioinformatician

Computer scientists have increasingly been enlisted as OC bioinformaticiansOCO to assist molecular biologists in their research. This book is a practical introduction to bioinformatics for these computer scientists. The chapters are in-depth discussions by expert bioinformaticians on both general techniques and specific approaches to a range of selected bioinformatics problems. The book is organized into clusters of chapters on the following topics: . OCo Overview of modern molecular biology and a broad spectrum of techniques from computer science OCo data mining, machine learning, mathematical modeling, sequence alignment, data integration, workflow development, etc. OCo In-depth discussion of computational recognition of functional and regulatory sites in DNA sequences. OCo Incisive discussion of computational prediction of secondary structure of RNA sequences. OCo Overview of computational prediction of protein cellular localization, and selected discussions of inference of protein function. OCo Overview of methods for discovering proteinOCoprotein interactions. OCo Detailed discussion of approaches to gene expression analysis for the diagnosis of diseases, the treatment of diseases, and the understanding of gene functions. OCo Case studies on analysis of phylogenies, functional annotation of proteins, construction of purpose-built integrated biological databases, and development of workflows underlying the large-scale-effort gene discovery. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 4: Techniques for Recognition of Translation Initiation Sites (385 KB). Chapter 10: Homology Search Methods (483 KB). Contents: Molecular Biology for the Practical Bioinformatician; Strategy and Planning of Bioinformatics Experiments; Data Mining Techniques for the Practical Bioinformatician; Techniques for Recognition of Translation Initiation Sites; How Neural Networks Find Promoters Using Recognition of Micro-Structural Promoter Components; Neural-Statistical Model of TATA-Box Motifs in Eukaryotes; Tuning the Dragon Promoter Finder System for Human Promoter Recognition; RNA Secondary Structure Prediction; Protein Localization Prediction; Homology Search Methods; Analysis of Phylogeny: A Case Study on Saururaceae; Functional Annotation and Protein Families: From Theory to Practice; Discovering ProteinOCoProtein Interactions; Techniques for Analysis of Gene Expression; Genome-Wide cDNA Oligo Probe Design and Its Applications in i>Schizosaccharomyces Pombe; Mining New Motifs from cDNA Sequence Data; Technologies for Biological Data Integration; Construction of Biological Databases: A Case Study on the Protein Phosphatase DataBase (PPDB); A Family Classification Approach to Functional Annotation of Proteins; Informatics for Efficient EST-Based Gene Discovery in Normalized and Subtracted cDNA Libraries. Readership: Computer scientists planning to be a bioinformatician; computer science undergraduates in their sophomore and/or senior years."

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