The Pandemic Plot - A Novel : An Invisible Viral Warfare

Writing is arguably one of the most challenging skills to master because it requires fluency and accuracy of micro level skills (e.g. handwriting, spelling, capitalization, punctuation) within genre specific macro level skills (e.g. vocabulary, cohesion, coherence, audience). Further, writing development is often intricately linked to reading acquisition, therefore, development in one area (e.g. reading) typically correlates with development in the other (e.g. writing). Dr. Kumar Shyam, the author has been in the field of medicines and surgery for the last about 30 years. While he has practical experience of treating patients suffering from various diseases, Covid-19 is a disease which has hit everybody across the globe so suddenly that not every aspect of this is clear to the experts even now. It has already taken the shape of a pandemic and the medical fraternity, scientists and experts are busy to find out a proper treatment plan for the disease. The author has made an earnest effort to deal with issues which have come up before the mankind as a result of a sudden outbreak of this pandemic including the real issue of its origin at a place with which everyone is familiar now, a city known as Wuhan in China, in a really interesting manner and in the shape of a plot giving insights into all the facts combining with them the fiction part. Although he is in the field of medicines, the way he has narrated the plot, it puts him into the category of regular and prolific writers. The mixture of facts with imagination is beautiful and amazing, giving the Book the status of a Class Reading We congratulate Dr. Kumar Shyam for the work done and feel our Readers will find the Book so engrossing that they will not leave the Book without going through it entirely in one go. "Inspired by true events happening around the world related to COVID-19, the book definitely puts across one of the most intriguing conspiracy theory and is worth reading"-- Sayeed Ansari Senior Anchor, Aajtak, TV Today Group The narrative captures the essence of the viral pandemic a fascinating medical fiction. -- Dr. Jayant Sharma Honorary Secretary, IMA, U.P. State

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Publisher Yash Publications
Release Date
ISBN 9381490732
Pages 124 pages
Rating 4/5 (30 users)