The Moon Rider

Rhianna knew he didn't remember her. She shouldn't be surprised, but she was gravely disappointed. He'd left her behind without a thought so long ago, yet she had never forgotten him . . . Her revenge will make him even more notorious. No longer able to properly care for her ailing father, Rhianna disguises herself as the infamous Moon Rider and takes to the highways to secure the funds she so desperately needs. She intends to let the dangerous highwayman take the blame for the robberies. Yet they share perilous secrets, and the discovery will shock them both. Hardened by his past and the demands of his country, the sixth Earl of Wolverton waits in the dark for this reckless beauty who dares to impersonate the Moon Rider. She cannot be permitted to wreck his carefully orchestrated plans. Rhianna's revenge will ignite a passion that burns out of control as their lives entwine in a deadly game of espionage and abduction. Virginia Brown has written more than 50 novels since her first romance novel came out in 1984. Many of her books have been nominated for Romantic Times' Reviewer's Choice, Career Achievement Award for Love and Laughter, and Career Achievement Award for Adventure. Writing as Juliana Garnett, she received the Career Achievement Award for Historical Adventure in 2002. Author of the bestselling Dixie Diva mystery series, Ms. Brown's mainstream Southern drama/mystery, Dark River Road, won the national Epic e-Book Award in 2013 for Best Mainstream.

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