The Hidden Mystery of the Bible

The Bible is the most important book ever published. It has had more influence on history and affected more lives than any other book. It divides nations and unites cultures. Some people read the Bible for its literal meaning while others read it for the implied meaning. To this day, it continues to shape the heart, soul, and minds of individuals, generations, and societies worldwide. How can this controversial and profound book be the answer to the problems of the world? The first step is to look at how we perceive the Bible – is it a history book or guide book? For centuries, people have viewed the Bible as a bridge to the past, describing how humanity lived, survived, and died, while in truth it is actually shining the “Light of Truth” onto our present-day living to help us meet our personal and social problems. New Thought writer Jack Ensign Addington believes that once you discover the hidden meaning of the Bible, an infinite source of wisdom will be illuminated and revealed.

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