The Herb Magic Spell Book

Grow your magic with the living power of herbs.Herbs have been used in traditional magic for everything from attracting love to manifesting prosperity. With the techniques and knowledge found in this book, the beginning herbalist can harness the power of the earth to improve their life forever.This book covers everything you need to get started with herb magic, including: Understanding the magic of herbs based on the Doctrine of Signatures The correspondences between herbs and the elements How to collect herbs naturally and how to grow your own herb garden The most commonly used herbs in magic, from Allspice to ValerianYou'll also find over 50 spells using herbs, including: Bringing Love Into Your Life - for attracting love using basil Think of Me - to put yourself into someone's head using mint and lemon balm Bad Habit No More - to end a pattern using rosemary and garlic For Richer or Richer - to draw money using cinnamon and clove Bad Luck Banishment - to get rid of negative energy that seems suck to you using sage and bay leavesThe techniques and spells in this book are old and proven magical practices, but you don't need a degree in Latin or a boiling cauldron to get started with herb magic. Bridget Bishop, a practicing witch who has been teaching witchcraft to new witches for over a decade, breaks down everything you need into simple steps that a magical beginner can understand, while still providing fantastic results.

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