The Forbidden

Chantal Rousseau, a brilliant student at Sorbonne, Paris and self denied beauty felt devastated after receiving the tragic and unexpected news of the brutal murder of her parents who were on their vacation during the last years of France's occupation of Algeria. Determined to bring her parents murderer to justice, or take revenge on the killers by herself, Chantal develops a plan to find and revenge her parent's murders with the help of a former Foreign Legion officer. Chantal's clever plan of seduction was working only too well. Using her beauty as bait, she travels to Algeria where she unexpectedly finds herself to be drawn not only to the French Army officer, but to her parent's murderer as well. Chantal must find courage to complete her plan of revenge, and with her deep love for one man, to reignite the light of a once tranquil life.

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Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date
ISBN 1425742580
Pages 144 pages
Rating 4/5 (84 users)