The Desperation of Liberty

After fleeing from the ruthless Spanish General Morillo who has orders to execute any of the rebels they can find, Santiago, Maribel and Esteban make a long journey over the mountains, across the Magdalena River and then high up into the Central Range of the Andes to a small town called Rionegro. There, they begin their dream of having a horse ranch and a family. The call of independence is still strong and Santiago takes a group of men from Rionegro and joins Captain Cordoba and General Bolivar along the Orinoco River in Venezuela. Bolivar's forces made up of ferocious Llaneros are led on a desperate 21 day march through swamps, plains and snow capped mountains. Surprising the Spanish with his arrival, Bolivar's forces gain the independence of New Granada at the Bridge of Boyaca. A precocious toddler and another on the way keep Maribel busy in Rionegro as she awaits the return of Santiago. Both the dream and the family are growing. Maribel desperately hopes that Santiago will return in time to help her bring their new addition into the world.

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Publisher CreateSpace
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ISBN 9781497514881
Pages 144 pages
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