The Complete Workbook for Science Fair Projects

Your personal coach and game plan for creating a unique andaward-winning science fair project Developing a science fair project from the ground up can be adaunting task--and today's science fairs are more competitive thanever before. The Complete Workbook for Science Fair Projects takesyou step by step through the entire process of brainstorming,finding, completing, and submitting an award-winning science fairproject of your very own. The special features of this easy-to-use, interactive workbookinclude:Complete instructions and fun, meaningful exercises to helpyou develop a science fair project idea from scratchExpert adviceon choosing and researching a topic, finding a mentor, conductingan experiment, analyzing your findings, putting together a winningdisplay, and much moreInspiring stories of real projects that showhow students solved particular problems This ingenious guide also helps you prepare to deliver a top-notchoral presentation and answer questions from science fair judges.Plus, you'll find sample project journal worksheets, a handy listof scientific supply companies, and lots of space to record yourthoughts and ideas as you work on your project. Today's exciting world of science fairs and contests offers manygreat opportunities. With The Complete Workbook for Science FairProjects, you'll learn to think like a scientist and create a moreeffective, impressive science fair project--opening the door for anamazing science journey!

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Publisher John Wiley & Sons
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