Changing The World One Child At A Time

The idea of Changing the World can be overwhelming because admittedly the world is a pretty big place, but every single action you take that may seem insignificant in your eyes can make a world of difference in someone elses. This book is meant to be a guide and an example of how one family became the change they wished to see. How finding purpose can create happiness, and how as parents we have the opportunity to guide our children towards this. There was never one specific moment in our lives when we realized our need to help others; it was more a series of events that compiled over time, drawing our attention to the issues plaguing the world. These moments, so small, and yet so significant, brought us to where we are today. Moments like Samantha, at the age of eight, learning that our young friend living in another country had no juice to drink to help her emotionally recover from a life-threatening surgery, while our fridge at home was stocked with multiple different flavours. Or Hailey, at age thirteen, coming home from a charity event, devastated that children her age were not able to attend school, while she loved and valued it so much. Or even a young Kathy, defending her kid brother from prowling bullies in the schoolyard. We hope this book provides you with insights and ideas on how to change the world one child at a time by raising socially conscious children who love their lives.

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Publisher Balboa Press
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ISBN 1504390644
Pages 182 pages
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