The Better Learning Flash Card Book

As a first-time mother, I know that teaching a toddler to speak can be difficult. By using my own experience to help my daughter, I have created a flash card book that has simple and fun pictures for your child to learn. This book is the basic learning for kids from ages 1 to 5. Colors! Colors! And more colors! The Better Learning Flash Card Book has vibrant colors, and enjoyable characters which many learning children could identify. Toddlers are able to have a better perception of what things are when learning with this book. With each page, the 'letters & spelling' are big and colorful. Make learning new objects fun for your toddler with The Better Learning Flash Card book. "Special thanks to Rhonda Fuller for all her help and care with my daughter." Michelle Nazario "The Better Learning Flash Card Book makes a great baby shower gift. I love it." Elizabeth Swindell "I am a teacher and The Better Learning Flash Card Book is well put together. It helps teach children to read from left to right...and it helps them to prepare for school ." Anonymous

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Publisher AuthorHouse
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ISBN 142083729X
Pages 32 pages
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