The Beauty of Conflict for Couples

“Genius . . . will teach you how to transform your conflict into closeness. A beautiful read for anyone in a relationship they want to take higher.” —Regena Thomashauer, New York Times bestselling author If left unresolved, sources of disconnect—from bad breath to infidelity—can lead to major rifts and smother the spark in a relationship. Authors CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke bring over twenty years of experience in family and marriage counseling and relationship coaching to this book. They cater their advice to romantic relationships and provide resolution strategies for women and men. While arguments with our partner can get tiring, looking at those disagreements as opportunities to strengthen the bond rather than weaken it can have a significant impact on their effect. With conflict comes the chance to communicate and solve problems together. This can restore a sense of intimacy and connection with our partner, both emotionally and physically. In The Beauty of Conflict for Couples, you will find: · Relatable stories that shed light on the common struggles of romantic relationships · Practical tools that offer guidance for addressing conflict · A source of hope for relationships that appear to be fated for failure “The Beauty of Conflict for Couples is a knock-your-socks-off book for anyone who has ever struggled with intimacy, vulnerability, and the longing to make this relationship work even when it seems impossible . . . This book is readable (I couldn’t put it down!), funny, warm, practical, and powerful.” —Ann Weiser Cornell, author of The Radical Acceptance of Everything and The Power of Focusing

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