The Alexander & Macgregor Incident

Lillian Lilly Alexander, a brilliant nonconformist software engineer from New York City, has just suffered from the loss of her father, a top-secret software engineer for the US government. One day, Lilly receives a message from a mysterious source who informs her that the people responsible for her fathers death were members of a cyber terrorist group known as Revolt, and as a result, she devises her own plan to get revenge. As Lilly goes to put her plan into motion, she finds herself in an unexpected situation when she is framed by the people she was out to get and finds herself in handcuffs at the mercy of the FBI. Little does Lilly know that the FBI has been keeping tabs on her while trying to figure out a way to take her into their custody for the purpose of recruitment. After Lilly is apprehended, she is introduced to Special Agent Jonathan MacGregor, an Interpol agent and newly assigned liaison with the FBI who manages to assist successfully in her recruitment as a computer consultant in hopes of utilizing her skills when it comes to combating the cyber terrorist group Revolt. Little does Agent MacGregor know that his job has now gotten even more complicated.

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Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date
ISBN 1524621080
Pages 228 pages
Rating 4/5 (87 users)