That’s What You Think

This Book is based on my life. I tell how I let my negative thinking saying and then doing defeat me. The things you think about you will be the way you live your life. I tell how I thought and the life I got because of the way I thought. A person that should have lived a positive life lived a defeated life. My attitude was always I can't do the things the Lord purposed me to do. I am not that kind of person. When you fail because you thought you couldn't what did you expect? You got what you expected. This book tells how used a massive heart attack that left me 70% disabled to turn my life around. Because of my mental disabilities, it should be impossible for me to write. With a patient persistent attitude, I showed that I can and will do the thing the Lord purposed me to do. Disabilities only have the power you give them.

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Publisher AuthorHouse
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ISBN 9781467834964
Pages 100 pages
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