Structural Engineering and Geomechanics - Volume 1

An understanding of dynamic effects on structures is critical to minimize losses from earthquakes and other hazards. These three books provide an overview of essential topics in structural and geotechnical engineering with an additional focus on related topics in earthquake engineering to enable readers gain such an understanding. One of the ultimate objectives of these books is to provide readers with insights into seismic analysis and design. However, in order to accomplish that objective, background material on structural and geotechnical engineering is necessary. Hence the first two sections of the book provide this background material followed by selected topics in earthquake engineering. The material is organized into three major parts. The first section covers topics in structural engineering. Beginning with fundamental mechanics of materials, the book includes chapters on linear and nonlinear analysis as well as topics on modeling of structures from different perspectives. In addition to traditional design of structural systems, introductions to important concepts in structural reliability and structural stability are discussed. Also covered are subjects of recent interest, viz., blast and impact effects on structures as well as the use of fiber reinforced polymer composites in structural applications. Given the growing interest in urban renewal, an interesting chapter on restoration of historic cities is also included. The second part of the book covers topics in geotechnical engineering, covering both shallow and deep foundations and issues and procedures for geotechnical modeling. The final part of the book focuses on earthquake engineering with emphasis on both structures and foundations. Here again, the material covered includes both traditional seismic design and innovative seismic protection. And more importantly, concepts in modeling for seismic analysis are highlighted.

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