Strategies for Winning Science Fair Projects

Discover the Secrets of Science Fair Success with This Essential Guide . . . Written by a science fair judge and an international science fair winner, this must-have resource is packed with strategies and pointers for putting together a winning science fair project. Here you'll get the nitty-gritty on a wide variety of topics, from the fundamentals of the science fair process to the last-minute details of polishing your presentation, including: * Choosing the right project for you * Doing research and taking notes * Using the scientific method * Writing up procedures, data, and conclusions * Creating eye-catching backboards * Handling pre-contest jitters * Dealing with difficult judges * and much more With insider tips, checklists, and solid advice from people who've been there, Strategies for Winning Science Fair Projects is the one guide you'll need for science fair season and beyond.

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Publisher Jossey-Bass
Release Date
ISBN 9780471419570
Pages 128 pages
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