RSMeans Cost Data

RSMeans Cost Data, Student Edition provides a thoroughintroduction to cost estimating in a self-contained print andonline package. With clear explanations and a hands-on,example-driven approach, it is the ideal reference for students andnew professionals who need to learn how to perform cost estimatingfor building construction. Features include: Commercial and residential construction cost data in print andonline formats Complete how-to guidance on the essentials of costestimating A supplemental website with plans, specifications, problem sets,and a full sample estimate With more than 930 Location Factors in the United States andCanada, the data includes up-to-date system prices for more than100 standard assemblies and in-place costs for thousands ofalternates—making it easy to customize budget estimates andcompare system costs. UNIT PRICES (organized in MasterFormat 2010) 1 General Requirements 2 Existing Conditions 3 Concrete 4 Masonry 5 Metals 6 Woods, Plastics & Composites 7 Thermal & Moisture Protection 8 Openings 9 Finishes 10 Specialties 11 Equipment 12 Furnishings 13 Special Construction 14 Conveying Equipment 21 Fire Suppression 22 Plumbing 23 Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning 26 Electrical 27 Communications 28 Electronic Safety & Security 31 Earthwork 32 Exterior Improvements 33 Utilities ASSEMBLIES A Substructure B Shell C Interiors D Services E Equipment & Furnishings F Special Construction G Building Site Work REFERENCE INFORMATION Equipment Rental Costs Crews Cost Indexes Reference Tables Square Foot Costs

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