Staying Connected

Staying Connected is a journey of discovery for parents of children who are about to begin school or who are already on their journey through education. Rachel encourages parents to discover where learning happens and shares stories of the school experience from a parent perspective. Her helpful advice draws from real life stories of parenting children as they make their way through their education. Truly connecting with children and their learning is at the heart of the book as Rachel encourages us to explore our own connection with ourselves to enable that special relationship between parent and child to continue once they begin school. The book is a helpful tool, a guide for practice with examples of how-tos. Although its geared for parents, as a teacher, I would find it very helpful, especially for the kinds of conversations I might have with both parents and children. It also provides wonderful ideas that a teacher can pass on to a parent about talking with and encouraging a child. Some of the best gems in this book are near the end; Rachel writes, The gift of connection with our children can never truly be found unless we connect with ourselves first. Dr. Joni Samples Chief Academic Officer, International Speaker and Author Family Friendly Schools, USA This book is a must read for parents and carers who want to be thoughtful and intentional in their parenting - in ways that are simple and affirming for adultand child. Rachel offers insights and personal reflections on parenting and childrens learning as well as providing sound practical advice. She skillfully weaves stories from her own experience with the academic literature and research making this a very accessible and relatable book. Danielle Cronin Winston Churchill Memorial Trust of Australia, Churchill Fellow 2008 Public Policy and Parental Engagement in Education, USA and UK

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Publisher Partridge Publishing Singapore
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ISBN 1482879638
Pages 295 pages
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