State of the Art Rhinoplasty Techniques

In this book, Korean rhinoplasty masters present their current techniques for the correction of common nasal deformities and explain how to achieve an ideal balance between esthetic and functional outcomes. Among the procedures covered are the harvesting of autogenous tissue, nasal dorsal augmentation, diverse nasal tip techniques, alar rim and alar base surgery, mid-vault surgery, deviated nose correction, and secondary rhinoplasty techniques. Aspects of nasal anatomy of importance for Asian rhinoplasty are also carefully explained. A wealth of illustrative material documents the key steps in each procedure. The book is a collaborative enterprise between highly respected plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists with expertise in rhinoplasty. It will be an invaluable practical resource for all who perform rhinoplasty in Asian patients, whether in Asian countries or in countries with large Asian populations. The book contains various latest techniques that be usefully applied to Caucasian rhinoplasty as well.

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Publisher Springer
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ISBN 9789811652400
Pages 509 pages
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