Sky Cloud Mountain

Let history drop behind as we explore the sacred confines of a temple city built by a race that was here long before us; before our species was even a glimmer in the cosmic eye, and whose work is still evident, usable, and heuristic. Dominated by a mountain, sculpted as a pregnant women, with a lion at her feet and a rearing serpent behind, the site is still alive with eddies of spiritual energy. Between the colossal lady and lion is a saddle in the mountain beautified by mazes of stone, sparkling sand terraces, and the gardens of windswept splendor with the rock everywhere seeming to be incised with aesthetic, undecipherable hieroglyphics. The site is beautiful, bolstering, and enlivened; geometrically tuned to the cosmos, whose forces it appropriates to utilize in various ways. Join in as we uncover a few of the marvels of an authentically magical place with a psychedelic consciousness adapted to tuning into the ancient mysteries; giving a new dynamism to the on-going story if a truly sacred mountain.

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Publisher iUniverse
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ISBN 9781475948820
Pages 334 pages
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