Screenwriting is Filmmaking

To write for the unique medium of the screen, you need to be as engaged with the theory and practice of film as you are with words. Screenwriting is Filmmaking provides a wealth of insights for new and experienced writers alike on the historical, theoretical and practical essentials of screenwriting. With clear analyses drawn from a wide range of classical and contemporary films, alongside case studies and practical exercises, this book encourages the development of craft skills and a personal voice through the writing of short and feature screenplays. You will learn how to develop your screenplay from idea to final draft; apply the techniques of narrative, structure and visual language; build rounded and convincing characters; craft compelling scenes through dialogue and sub-text and maintain a meaningful and lasting creative practice. Brian Dunnigan draws on over thirty years' experience of writing, teaching and making films, to provide a practical guide on how to become an effective screenwriter as well as giving a fascinating insight into visual storytelling and the place of the screenplay in the collaborative process of filmmaking. Of great interest to all screenwriters, especially new/aspiring ones; and all those with an interest in the filmmaking world, it is illustrated with 17 colour and 17 black & white photographs. Brian Dunnigan is an award-winning filmmaker and Head of Screenwriting at the London Film School.

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Publisher The Crowood Press
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ISBN 178500610X
Pages 168 pages
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