Internet of Everything and Big Data

There currently is no in-depth book dedicated to the challenge of the Internet of Everything and Big Data technologies in smart cities. Humankind today is confronting a critical worldwide portability challenge and the framework that moves cities must keep pace with the innovation. Internet of Everything and Big Data: Major Challenges in Smart Cities reviews the applications, technologies, standards, and other issues related to smart cities. This book is dedicated to addressing the major challenges in realizing smart cities and sensing platforms in the era of Big Data cities and Internet of Everything. Challenges vary from cost and energy efficiency to availability and service quality. This book examines security issues and challenges, addresses the total information science challenges, covers exploring and creating IoT environment-related sales adaptive systems, and investigates basic and high-level concepts using the latest techniques implemented by researchers and businesses. The book is written for analysts, researchers, and specialists who are working on the future generation of the technologies. It will serve as a valuable guide for those in the industry, and students as well.

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Publisher CRC Press
Release Date
ISBN 1000180352
Pages 158 pages
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