Routledge Handbook of Psychiatry in Asia

Geographically and demographically Asia is a huge region with a large number of societies and cultures, each affected by their own unique problems including over-population, major natural disasters, poverty and changing social and economic factors. Inevitably this means that different mental health needs have developed across the region. Colonialism, globalization, industrialization and urbanization have brought major demographic and cultural shifts in the region but clinical mental health practices and services, and societal attitudes to mental health issues vary enormously. This Handbook surveys the state of the current psychiatric care field across the whole Asia-Pacific region. Focusing on individual countries, each chapter includes: A summary of factors affecting the practice and provision of psychiatric care, including cultural attitudes to mental health issues. Coverage of the conceptualization, causation and prevalence of mental health issues in society. An overview of mental health care services and systems available and workforce training. Coverage of country-specific innovative practices and folk therapies. As the first major reference work on psychiatric care in Asia this book is an essential resource for scholars and students researching mental health in Asia as well as for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals working in the region. Book jacket.

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