Revealing the Skin I'm In

Being in the field of medicine and plastic surgery, I have realised just having knowledge and skills are not enough to be a successful plastic surgeon; you need to be a general surgeon, a doctor, and most importantly, a compassionate human being to be successful. You also need to be a good administrator, leader, businessman, and politician. You need to be a good teacher to continue the legacy. This is what I am striving to accomplish. My wish is that I will be able to follow my profession with dignity, sincerity, ethically and legally, and to teach the youngsters to do the same. This book is about a great discipline that is called plastic surgery. It is an intensely personal subject that causes a great deal of debate, often very emotional. More than any other branch of medicine, it is also surrounded by a dense, almost impenetrable fog of rumor, myths, and misconceptions. This book will educate you to understand what goes behind the scene. Not only that, but everything you need to know about the plastic and cosmetic surgery from choosing the right surgeon to avoiding disasters and getting the treatment you really need is here in the book.

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Publisher Partridge Publishing
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ISBN 1482813297
Pages 108 pages
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