Chaos, CNN, Memristors and Beyond

This invaluable book is a unique collection of tributes to outstanding discoveries pioneered by Leon Chua in nonlinear circuits, cellular neural networks, and chaos. It is comprised of three parts. The first — cellular nonlinear networks, nonlinear circuits and cellular automata — deals with Chua's Lagrangian circuits, cellular wave computers, bio-inspired robotics and neuro-morphic architectures, toroidal chaos, synaptic cellular automata, history of Chua's circuits, cardiac arrhythmias, local activity principle, symmetry breaking and complexity, bifurcation trees, and Chua's views on nonlinear dynamics of cellular automata. Dynamical systems and chaos is the scope of the second part of the book, where we find genius accounts on theory and application of Julia set, stability of dynamical networks, chaotic neural networks and neocortical dynamics, dynamics of piecewise linear systems, chaotic mathematical circuitry, synchronization of oscillators, models of catastrophic events, control of chaotic systems, symbolic dynamics, and solitons. First hand accounts on the discovery of memristors in HP Labs, historical excursions into ‘ancient memristors’, analytical analysis of memristors, and hardware memristor emulators are presented in the third and final part of the book. The book is quintessence of ideas on future and emergent hardware, analytic theories of complex dynamical systems and interdisciplinary physics. It is a true Renaissance volume where bright ideas of electronics, mathematics and physics enlighten facets of modern science. The unique DVD covers the artistic aspects of chaos, such as several stunningly melodious musical compositions using chaotic atttractors, a virtual gallery of hundreds of colorful attractors, and even a cartoon-like play on the genesis of Chua's circuit that was based on a widely acclaimed performance in Rome and other venues in Italy. In short, it is a veritable kaleiscope of never-before-published historical, pedagogical, and futuristic technical visions on three timely topics of intense interest for both lay readers and experts alike. Contents:Cellular Nonlinear Networks, Nonlinear Circuits and Cellular Automata:Genealogy of Chua's Circuit (Peter Kennedy)Impasse Points, Mutators, and Other Chua Creations (Hyongsuk Kim)Chua's Lagrangian Circuit Elements (Orla Feely)From CNN Dynamics to Cellular Wave Computers (Tamas Roska)Contributions of CNN to Bio-Robotics and Brain Science (Paolo Arena and Luca Patané)From Radio-amateurs' Electronics to Toroidal Chaos (Otto E Rössler and Christophe Letellier)Analyzing the Dynamics of Excitatory Neural Networks by Synaptic Cellular Automata (V Nekorkin, A Dmitrichev, D Kasatkin and V Afraimovich)Dynamical Systems Perspective of Wolfram's Cellular Automata (M Courbage and B Kamińki)The Genesis of Chua's Circuit: Connecting Science, Art and Creativity (Francesca Bertacchini, Eleonora Bilotta, Giuseppe Laria and Pietro Pantano)Nonlinear Electronics Laboratory (NOEL): A Reminiscence (Chai Wah Wu)Bursting in Cellular Automata and Cardiac Arrhythmias (Gil Bub, Alvin Shrier and Leon Glass)Local Activity Principle: The Cause of Complexity and Symmetry Breaking (Klaus Mainzer)Explorations in the Forest of Bifurcation Trees: Route from Chua's Circuit to Chua's Memristive Oscillator (Łukasz Czerwiński and Maciej J Ogorzałek)Chua's Nonlinear Dynamics Perspective Cellular Automata (Giovanni E Pazienza)Application of CNN to Brainlike Computing (Bertram E Shi)Ideal Turbulence Phenomenon and Transmission Line with Chua's Diode (E Yu Romanenko and A N Sharkovsky)Chaos in Electronic Circuits: Chua's Contribution (1980–2000) (Christophe Letellier)Dynamical Systems and Chaos:Connectivity of Julia Sets for Singularly Perturbed Rational Maps (Robert L Devaney and Elizabeth D Russell)Structural Transformations and Stability of Dynamical Networks (L A Bunimovich and B Z Webb)Chua's Time (Arturo Buscarino, Luigi Fortuna and Mattia Frasca)Chaotic Neural Networks and Beyond (Kazuyuki Aihara, Taiji Yamada and Makito Oku)Chaotic Neocritical Dynamics (Walter J Freeman)Nonlinear Dynamics of a Class of Piecewise Linear Systems (M Lakshmanan and K Murali)Chaotic Mathematical Circuitry (R Lozi)Chua's Equation was Proved to be Chaotic in Two Years, Lorenz Equation in Thirty Six Years (Bharathwaj Muthuswamy)Toward a Quantitative Formulation of Emergence (G Nicolis)Controlled Synchronization of Chaotic Oscillators with Huygens' Coupling (J Peńa-Ramírez, R H B Fey and H Nijmeijer)Using Time-Delay Feedback for Control and Synchronization of Dynamical Systems (Kestutis Pyragas, Viktoras Pyragas and Tatjana Pyragiene)Models of Catastrophic Events and Suggestions to Foretell Them (Yves Pomeau and Martine Le Berre)Synchronization Propensity in Networks of Dynamical Systems: A Purely Topological Indicator (Stefano Fasani and Sergio Rinaldi)Further Progress in Partial Control of Chaotic Systems (Juan Sabuco, Miguel Sanjuan and Samuel Zambrano)Phase and Complete Synchronizations in Time-Delay Systems (D V Senthilkumar, M Manju Shrii and J Kurths)Symbolic Dynamics and Spiral Structures due to the Saddle-Focus Bifurcations (Andrey Shilnikov, Leonid Shilnikov and Roberto Barrio)Dynamics of Periodically Forced Mass Point on Constrained Surface with Changing Curvature (Yoshisuke Ueda)Solitons for Describing 3-D Physical Reality: The Current Frontier (Paul J Werbos)Thermal Solitons in 1D and 2D Anharmonic Lattices — Solectrons and the Organization of Non-Linear Fluctuations in Long-Living Dynamical Structures (M G Velarde, W Ebeling and A P Chetverikov)Global Optimizations by Intermittent Diffusion (Shui-Nee Chow, Tzi-Sheng Yang and Hao-Min Zhou)Memristors:How We Found the Missing Memristor (R Stanley Williams)Aftermath of Finding the Memristor (R Stanley Williams)The Singing Arc: The Oldest Memristor? (Jean-Marc Ginoux and Bruno Rossetto)Two Centuries of Memristors (Themistoklis Prodromakis)State Equations for Active Circuits with Memristors (Martin Hasler)Analytical Analysis of Memristive Networks (Torsten Schmidt, Willi Neudeck, Ute Feldmann and Ronald Tetzlaff)Hardware Memristor Emulators (Andrew L Fitch, Herbert H C Iu and Chi K Tse)Leon Chua's Memristor (Guanrong Chen) Readership: Graduate students, researchers and academics in all engineering disciplines as well as historians of science. Keywords:Memristors;CNN;Chaos;Dynamical SystemsKey Features:Unique personality of Leon Chua and enormity of his achievements underpins the structure of the bookConglomerate of hot topics: memristors, chaos, computationalOriginal papers from renown scholars and researchers as well as numerous tutorials and historical expositions on each of the topicsHigh pedagogical value makes the book a timeless referenceReviews: "It is a veritable kaleidoscope of never-before-published historical, pedagogical, and futuristic technical visions on three timely topics of intense interest for both lay readers and experts alike." Zentralblatt MATH

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