Quick & Legal Will Book

Your will, made easy Write a will that suits your needs with a minimum of fuss. This book provides all the forms and step-by-step instructions you need to create a simple, valid will that protects your family and property after your death. Make a will that lets you: name beneficiaries to inherit your assets choose a guardian for young children set up trusts for minors, and name an executor (and a backup). Learn how to: choose appropriate witnesses finalize your will, and revoke or change your will if necessary. This book also explains basic estate planning, including steps you can take to avoid probate court. The updated 9th edition includes the latest changes in federal estate tax law and a new appendix that lists state probate exceptions. With Downloadable Forms: download wills, a beneficiary worksheet, and other forms (details inside).

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Publisher Nolo
Release Date
ISBN 1413327699
Pages 208 pages
Rating 4/5 (94 users)