Quarks and Gluons

"In his new book, the author introduces us to the world of particles He traces the century of progress in our search for the basic units of matter as well as those of the forces that act on it, starting from the electron and photon, the first entry in the list of elementary quantum particles, and ending up with the quarks and gluons discovered in the last decades of this century. He gives the curious layman a clear understanding of the forefront of our knowledge about the structure of matter at its deepest level".Y NambuUniversity of Chicago"This is a readable little book on particle physics and is aimed at those with no previous exposure to the subject Nevertheless, as one would expect from a leading contributor to the field, Han takes care to get things right even when using simple language, as for example in his discussion of spin".CERN Courier

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Publisher World Scientific
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ISBN 9789810237455
Pages 172 pages
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