As Law for Aqa Unit 2b the Concept of Liability

Written by an experienced teacher and senior examiner, this book covers all the law needed for AQA AS Law Unit 2B The Concept of Liability. This includes an introduction to tort (negligence) and the civil courts (procedure and damages). Fully updated in 2015 with recent cases and laws it is written in a lively, clear and accessible way and is designed to help students of all learning styles to understand the subject. It can be used as a self-study guide as well as in the classroom, and includes: Lots of stimulating tasks and self-test questions (answers at Examination tips to help with applying the law Key cases highlighted and explained Plenty of diagrams and examples to bring the subject to life Examination practice, complete with example examination scripts and guidance Available by Sally Russell: THE LAW EXPLAINED SERIES: Individual booklets covering specific topics of law from 2014. These booklets currently cover Concepts of Law, most Criminal law and some Tort. For the most up to date list of what is available (I am still writing!) please check my author's page on Amazon or visit my website at AQA Unit 3A Criminal Law: Offences against the person AQA Unit 4B: Law of Torts (2014) AQA Unit 4C: Concepts of Law (2013) AQA Unit 2B: The Concept of Liability (2015) OCR Unit G153 Criminal Law and G154 Criminal Law Special Study Unit (2015) Criminal Law: Offences against the person revision (2013) 2007 editions of both the OCR and AQA books covering all subject areas

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