Provision of Psychosocial Support and Education of Vulnerable Children

Globally, children are highly vulnerable and unjustifiably affected by the difficulties afflicting society. They face social, physical, psychological, and emotional turmoil that stems from varying degrees of violence, abuse, neglect, abandonment, bereavement, and other psychosocial needs that often affect their education. Parental and other key stakeholders’ involvement is essential in ensuring that children develop to their full potential. Provision of Psychosocial Support and Education of Vulnerable Children highlights the plight of children and explores a transdisciplinary and multisectoral approach in providing sustainable psychosocial support to have quality education that is inclusive of 21st century skills. Childhood is an inimitable experience that is common to every individual child in the world irrespective of their ethnicity, culture, or any other arbitrary extractor we choose to apply. Covering topics such as life skills education, psychosocial support, and holistic integration, this book is an essential reference for education stakeholders, school personnel, private pre-primary schools, teacher training institutions, parents, pre-service teachers, human services professionals, researchers, and academicians.

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