Positive Horses

Horse training isn’t a mystical procedure. In fact, there isn’t mystery in the methods necessary to teach any skill. To learn any skill there is a logical sequence that if adhered to, allows a behavior to be taught and learned. Creating a Positive Horse consists of using positive methods, which in turn creates a positive attitude. Positive Horses explains those positive methods necessary to create horses that perform on taught/learned cues, both on the ground and in the saddle that are systematically rewarded, but also have an extremely positive attitude to their trainer/companion. The system uses the method, ‘Behavior Modification’. This book is about: • Explanation of basic educational methods using systematic sequences that support training horses. • Creating the goals and objectives for each individual horse rather than a “one size fits all” approach. • Training using positive reinforcement— how food rewards creates useable cues, instead of the trainer performing meaningless behavior that the horse doesn’t understand. • Horses learning basic cues: come, stand, walk on, and halt, which provides safety on the ground and assists in the next work in the saddle. • Applying basic training to other equestrian disciplines. • Addressing training method failure, because the trainer doesn’t assess the correct the behavior to reward and doesn’t understand the methods. • Horse case studies exemplifying the use of behavioral methods.

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