Electronic and Software Patents

Now there is a focused, practical reference to help you draft, prosecute, & manage a strong portfolio of patents in the fast-changing specialty of electronic & software patent law. This total strategy guide will help you deal with today's lightning-paced technological developments, changes in PTO policy, & pivotal court rulings. In this step-by-step resource, more than 30 practitioners--handpicked for their experience in this challenging specialty--give you perspective & tactics including: * guidance on tough decisions such as whether to seek patent protection at all ... how to search for & evaluate prior art ... how to use trade secret & copyright law in conjunction with your patent strategy ... & how to draft your claims for broad yet distinct interpretation * succinct, useful lessons on preparing computer-related patent applications under Alappat, its progeny, & the PTO's examination guidelines * compelling insights on drafting with the appropriate scope--& the unique, software-related aspects of the best-mode, enablement, & written-description requirements of Section 112 * candid practice "tips & traps" for each step of the patent prosecution process--including the 10 types of patent prosecutions & how to deal with each one * international survey of the statutes, regulations, & case law of more than 40 nations--plus basic global principles of patentability * plus two sample patents, a timesaving practice checklist, a case table, & an exhaustive topic index No other resource gives you such specific, practice-oriented guidance for maneuvering through this dynamic I.P. area. Use it to: * determine when to seek--or not to seek--a software or electronic patent * craft strong, defensible patent specifications & claims * save precious time in the complex patent prosecution process * protect competitive information with the full range of I.P. protections * develop & manage a strategic & powerful portfolio of domestic & foreign patents.

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