Operationalizing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning

This book is a practical resource designed to raise leadership educators understanding of culturally relevant leadership pedagogy for the purpose of creating inclusive learning spaces that are socially just for students. For leadership educators seeking personal and professional development to assist in building and enhancing their levels of cultural competence in leadership education, this book is a guide. The audience for the book ranges from new and entry-level leadership educator roles to senior scholars in leadership education. Operationalizing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning, provides leadership educators with a substantive and comprehensive approach to the topic, offering personal narratives from leadership educators who have operationalized the model in their own personal and professional contexts. We believe that reframing leadership education with the culturally relevant leadership learning model, leadership educators will be able to integrate new insights into their own pedagogy and practice and move towards action. This book illustrates how leadership educators can shift the way they experience and facilitate leadership learning. By framing the operationalization of culturally relevant leadership learning, this book discusses the why, who, what, where, when, and how of developing culturally relevant and socially just leadership education. Readers of this text are encouraged to actively engage in the content through the questions each chapter pose and consider for themselves how culturally relevant leadership learning can be implemented in their own context. Endorsements for Operationalizing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning: "What’s that you ask? What does Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning actually look like? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Operationalizing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning utilizes narratives of seasoned and emerging leadership educators to construct clear examples of how to effectively operationalize the CRLL model is practice. Using this book will assist you in reimagining your leadership education offerings – guaranteed!" Vernon A. Wall, Director of Business Development – LeaderShape, Inc. and President: ACPA – College Student Educators International 2020 – 2021 "This deeper exploration of the culturally relevant leadership learning (CRLL) model guides leadership educators in reconstructing not only what and how we teach, but who needs be included and why. At the cusp of the next phase of leadership education, this book is an invitation to deeply explore CRLL and its place in changing the direction of how we define, teach, practice, and embody leadership." Christie Navarro, Director, Center for Leadership Learning, Office of Undergraduate Education, University of California, Davis "Operationalizing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning is a beautiful and timely roadmap for integrating critical perspectives and social justice into leadership learning. Beatty and Guthrie accomplish what has alluded so many others: they capture the complexity of the abstract with the pragmatism of the how. Narratives bring to life content in new and powerful ways that showcase not just why we need this approach, but how to implement it today." John P. Dugan, Executive Director, Youth Leadership Programs, The Aspen Institute

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