One Faith, Many Faithful

Health Care. Finance reform. The future of Catholic schools. Caring for the elderly. Abortion. Abuse scandals in the church. Business management, the economy, and the very welfare of our society. Confronted with a storm of issues, all of which call for their attention and concern, contemporary Catholics often find themselves confused and uncertain, and even at odds with each other, when trying to apply their faith to the realities of the world they live in. One Faith, Many Faithful provides numerous essays or "short takes" that tackle the wide range of matters of concern to Catholics, but does so in a spirit of complete faithfulness to Catholic teaching and tradition. The collection is divided into four parts: "Religion and Ethics," "Business and Politics," "Education and Family" and "People and Ideas." William J. Byron, SJ, applies and explains principles of Catholic social teaching throughout the book, which offers the reader clarity and concise exposition of the issues that are troubling the contemporary Catholic mind. This book is for all Catholics who want to move beyond the limited scope of contemporary debates and actually apply the ancient principles of their faith to difficult issues. Book jacket.

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Publisher Paulist Press
Release Date
ISBN 0809147599
Pages 138 pages
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