On Your Own North Carolina Small Claims Court

If you are interested in representing yourself or your business in Small Claims Court in North Carolina in order to collect your debts or settle disputes, ON YOUR OWN - NORTH CAROLINA SMALL CLAIMS COURT is the book for you! Employing an attorney to represent you or your business may or may not make economic sense. The debt you are seeking to recover may be less than the fee charged by an attorney. While it may be economically desirable for an attorney to represent you or your business in Small Claims Court in some situations, you may find it more advantageous to represent yourself or your business ON YOUR OWN. An individual or business with a small claim may wish to pursue the indebtedness without an attorney, but may not possess sufficient knowledge about the way the court operates to feel competent to do so. If the debt is too small to justify employing an attorney or if the case never gets to court because the plaintiff does not have an adequate amount of knowledge of his or her interests, the debt goes unpaid. The plaintiff loses either way, because the debt is still not paid. By reading and studying this book, you will gain knowledge to assist you in maintaining more control over your bottom line. Larger net profits are important for any business enterprise. The materials contained on the pages of this book will show you how to better manage your company's small claim debt collection efforts by effectively using the Small Claims Court. You should be able to significantly increase your odds of collecting your judgment in Small Claims Court -- a court specifically designed by state law for the litigant with multiple small claims. ON YOUR OWN - NORTH CAROLINA SMALL CLAIMS COURT is a book that offers basic guidance to the individual who has never been to Small Claims Court, yet provides material that should be of assistance to the individual who has represented himself or his business on a regular basis. I cannot overemphasize methodical study and understanding of the law. If this book is read with care and understood, it will be helpful to you in the collection of small claims and the settlement of disputes. Mary Anne Nixon Attorney at Law

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