Nothing to Lose

Beth Motrin had what most women only dream about. Her husband Mick was a handsome, hardworking man who worshiped both Beth and their young daughter Sarah. He was a diligent man with a steady job as a police detective and was working his way up the ladder in the department. Beth had a career of her own that she loved, teaching children in an elementary school. She lived the suburbia dream with a nice home in a great part of town, close to work. Friends, family, financial success and good neighbors, yes Beth had it all. Then one spring day it all came apart and her perfect world collapsed. For Beth it was her worst nightmare come true. The ever present worry the spouse of every police officer lives with. Losing her life's partner to the very violence they are trying to prevent. The story deals with over whelming grief, shock, self pity, anger, and then justice and revenge. Beth plays all of the roles. There are never any winners in a scene such as this, but Beth comes as close as you can get.

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Publisher iUniverse
Release Date
ISBN 0595618979
Pages 212 pages
Rating 4/5 (72 users)