Natural Products Chemistry of Botanical Medicines from Cameroonian Plants

A contribution to the series on Natural Products Chemistry of Global Plants, Natural Products Chemistry of Botanical Medicines from Cameroon focuses on the sources and chemistry of natural products from plants in Cameroon, West Africa. The plants selected offer an opportunity to trace a route through history from ancient civilizations to the modern day, showing the important value to man of natural products in medicines and in foods. This book highlights how many of the extracts from Cameroon are today associated with important drugs, nutrition products, beverages, perfumes, cosmetics and pigments, as well as presenting their complex chemistry and structure. Key Features: Forms an important part of the series on Natural Products Chemistry of Global Plants, as Cameroon is a country with rich experience in the use of medicinal plants and with a wide diversity of botanical resources Addresses the current development of pharmacognosy research in Cameroon Provides readers with updated information on the chemistry and pharmacology of natural products with pharmaceutical potential Covers an extensive range of chemical, botanical and pharmacological diversities Xavier Siwe Noundou is a Scholar/Scientist based at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. He has been a EU FP7 Marie Curie Fellow (2015-2016), Kaposvar University in Hungary (2015, 2016), Trakia Univesity in Bulgaria (2016), TWAS Fellow (2013), National Research Foundation South Africa Fellow (2014-2016). Dr Noundou works on Medicinal Chemistry focusing on Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Nanotechnology. His main research interests include terrestrial natural products chemistry (from Cameroon and South Africa) and marine natural products chemistry (from the South African coastline): bioactive metabolites isolated as potential antiparasitic, antimicrobial, antiviral and antiproliferative candidates. He is author of more than forty scientific publications in his field of expertise.

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